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northward / к северу, на север
к северу
north, northward, northwards, northerly, northwardly
на север
north, northward, northwards, northwardly
имя существительное
северное направление
имя прилагательное
обращенный на север
расположенный к северу от
имя прилагательное
in a northerly direction.
The flashing light paced our aircraft in steady northward direction.
toward the north.
Alienated from both white and black communities, they trekked northwards , finally founding their own town Rehoboth, in 1871.
имя существительное
the direction or region to the north.
This is the area that got overtop right there in the northward .
The northward migration peaks from mid-April to early May, and the fall migration peaks in August.
Having recovered the servant, boots included, we left in the midst of a smart shower of rain, running out of harbor under all plain sail before a fresh breeze from the northward , and Halifax soon faded in the distance.
This slender land bridge is furrowed by two parallel mountain ranges and, between them, the cavernous Jordan Valley, itself a northward continuation of Africa's Great Rift.
In the middle decades of the eighteenth century a group of Swiss Jesuits labored in the Southwest of the present United States to promote the northward expansion of New Spain.
One route scholars have suggested began in the eastern Solomon Islands or in the islands to their southeast, and followed a northward course to the Caroline Islands.
Parts of Scotland provide a suitable habitat for this bird, but its range in that country seems to be slowly contracting in a northward direction.
Ridged fields apparently protect crops from mild frosts, and their construction may have facilitated the northward expansion of prehistoric agriculture.
Current plans call for the ground-floor spaces to be leased to commercial tenants - possibly galleries, if the Chelsea art district in fact continues its northward push.
Relative to the direction of the setting sun, the songbirds wanted to fly in a direction that was 90 degrees counterclockwise from the detected magnetic field in order to stay on a northward track.
A northward extension at the west end of this trench is also included here because it had pottery of the same date.