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northerner / северянин, житель Севера
имя существительное
northerner, northern, Hyperborean
житель Севера
northern, northerner
имя существительное
a native or inhabitant of the north, especially of the northern US.
The study found that, compared with visitors from the south of England, northerners were twice as likely to have phoned in sick so that they could spend the day at Alton Towers.
The possibility that the historic figure was a northerner rather than a southerner has been revived with the launch of a new Hollywood film, called simply King Arthur, which will be screened in this country from July 30.
She was a quiet southern belle and I was a loud northerner .
Being a northerner , I didn't like Southern Ice Tea when I first tried it.
As a northerner who is admittedly guilty of having done some southern bashing in my time, I am ashamed of the intellectual vanity of these people, and of my own past mockery.
Though they were few in the countryside, northerners and foreigners concentrated in large numbers in urban places.
The framework of clans is of great importance to most Chadians, be they northerners or southerners, though clans are of declining relevance in the towns.
Yet, in a week when four Highland clubs are aspiring to follow Inverness up the leagues, the absences also serve as a measure of how far Paterson's northerners have come in five short seasons.
It was conducted by market researchers Taylor Nelson Sofres, and showed more southerners than northerners wished to lose weight.
As it happened the group was fairly evenly divided between northerners and southerners.
The northerners were never allowed any leeway.