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northern / северный, дующий с севера
имя прилагательное
northern, Nordic, north, northerly, boreal, arctic
дующий с севера
имя существительное
northerner, northern, Hyperborean
житель Севера
northern, northerner
имя прилагательное
situated in the north, or directed toward or facing the north.
the northern slopes
living in or originating from the north.
northern breeds of cattle
Crucially they lacked the raw football bred into the county's northern teams.
Normal people just don't trust anyone who speaks with a northern accent.
The road was widened and a roundabout installed on the northern end to direct traffic down to Finisklin.
The northern wind caused her hair to stream behind her, a black river flowing from the back of her head.
Janet Alder, the sister of the late Christopher Alder who died in police custody, startled me with her northern accent at first.
Mr Wright had noticed the man did not have a Yorkshire or a northern accent.
This is where the green belt begins, the northern slopes rolling down to form the edge of Epping Forest.
A clumsy man with a broad northern accent, Paley delighted in fishing.
The current situation is that the northern half of Gladstone Road, Russell Road and Palmerston Road are all shared use bays.
His few surviving works mark him as the most original northern sculptor since Claus Sluter.