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northerly / северный, в северном направлении, направленный к северу
имя прилагательное
northern, Nordic, north, northerly, boreal, arctic
в северном направлении
направленный к северу
к северу
north, northward, northwards, northerly, northwardly
с севера
в северном направлении
north, northerly, to the northward
имя прилагательное
in a northward position or direction.
he set off in a northerly direction
имя существительное
a wind blowing from the north.
They loom as dark shadows in the consciousness of residents of these states on summer days when strong northerlies , extreme heat, and low humidity follow a long dry period.
A country which consists largely of lava fields and glaciers, and which has a long dark winter because of its northerly position, is not a great place for agricultural produce.
Now they would depart from the Kurile Islands, begin by sailing toward Alaska and then turn to approach Pearl Harbor from an unexpected northerly direction.
During the day we sailed with the prevailing northerly , the small vessel cutting through the water at a steady clip.
We noticed that the wind had changed to a strong cold northerly and quite frankly we were not very optimistic about our chances.
Another less useful and sometimes damaging effect of mountains is their funnelling properties: The Mistral is a cold northerly wind that is redirected through the Rhone valley by the surrounding heights.
Several fires were already burning in Tasmania by the 7th, when an approaching cold front brought strengthening northerly winds and extremely hot air.
And the whole idea is that we're going to be traversing the city on a kind of low-down northerly and an upper westerly, so then the balloonists just choose the height that they fly to steer it.
Unlike 1908, the hot spells in 1939 were accompanied by strong northerly winds, and followed a very dry six months.
On the morning of 16 December, dust in Adelaide was thick enough to require lights to be turned on; strong northerly winds took this dust over the southernmost areas of South Australia.
We had our running lights on and proceeded in a northerly direction very slowly.