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northbound / движущийся на север, идущий на север
имя прилагательное
движущийся на север
идущий на север
имя прилагательное
traveling or leading toward the north.
they slowly drove back along the shoulder of the northbound lane
On Monday I witnessed three cyclists exiting the northbound cycle lane on Stricklandgate in quick succession.
A contra-flow system was implemented in the northbound lane within half an hour.
Options studied include restricting southbound vehicles to the present bridge and northbound traffic to the new crossing.
The junction, just south of Tewkesbury allows access only to northbound traffic and an exit for southbound.
He passed a northbound tractor trailer moving slowly in the northbound lane with its right hand turn signal on.
The outside lane of the northbound carriageway was closed for half an hour while recovery teams cleared away the debris.
One lane of the northbound carriageway was closed while emergency services dealt with the accident.
In October, drivers sat in traffic jams and the northbound lanes of the M271 were blocked after a lorry went over on its side during morning rush hour.
He then lost control of the vehicle, drove down through the ditch and back up, right into the northbound lanes on Highway 12.
A similar operation was carried out on the northbound carriageway in 1998, causing major traffic queues.