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north / север, норд, северный ветер
имя существительное
северный ветер
north, Boreas
на север
north, northward, northwards, northwardly
к северу
north, northward, northwards, northerly, northwardly
в северном направлении
north, northerly, to the northward
имя прилагательное
northern, Nordic, north, northerly, boreal, arctic
обращенный к северу
northerly, north
двигаться на север
имя прилагательное
lying toward, near, or facing the north.
the north bank of the river
of or denoting the northern part of a specified area, city, or country or its inhabitants.
North African
to or toward the north.
the landscape became more dramatic as we drove north
above (a particular amount, cost, etc.).
they expect to spend north of $6 million for this latest campaign
имя существительное
the direction in which a compass needle normally points, toward the horizon on the left side of a person facing east, or the part of the horizon lying in this direction.
a bitter wind blew from the north
the northern part of the world or of a specified country, region, or town.
cuisine from the north of Spain
the player occupying a designated position at the table, sitting opposite and partnering South.
East Dunbartonshire, to the north of Glasgow, is another region where aspirant parents try to send their children to top-performing state schools.
As we drove north I passed through a landscape that revealed much of its remarkable past.
This gang, based in Dublin's north inner city, is also suspected of the organised theft of valuable computer equipment and microchips.
Later we do see the clouds moving from the north, but never experience a north wind.
the north wind
The furthest north I've been in this country is Cooktown.
The north wind tried to blow it off, but that only made the man clutch his cloak around himself more tightly.
The deal will give local native groups a stake in the pipeline which is part of a project to tap huge natural gas deposits in the Mackenzie Delta near the north coast of Alaska.
It was a well watered ranch with two streams, one on the north end and another near the middle of the range.
This was mostly done over or near the north end of the Salton Sea.