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normalize / нормализовать, нормировать, стандартизировать
normalize, ration, control
standardize, normalize
bring or return to a normal condition or state.
he wants to begin negotiations to normalize relations
multiply (a series, function, or item of data) by a factor that makes the norm or some associated quantity such as an integral equal to a desired value (usually 1).
For this analysis, all residual values were normalized according to the square-root of the line scan intensity and plotted as a function of distance from the nearest Z line.
he wants to begin negotiations to normalize relations
When Japan and South Korea normalized diplomatic relations in 1965, Tokyo provided Seoul with $500 million, a substantial sum at the time, in grants and loans.
The two countries normalized diplomatic relations in November 1991.
In the analysis reported here, the basis spectra are all weighted equally by normalizing each to a value of 100 at their emission maximum.
He became the first U.S. ambassador to Vietnam in May 1997 after the two countries normalized diplomatic relations in 1995.
And the senior Police officer told the Democrat such attacks make a return to normalised policing all the more difficult.
Thirty years have passed since the normalization of relations between China and Japan.
I have database design exam this Friday and I as yet don't know what normalization is, or rather how to do it.
The United States has the needed leverage, including through the potential to lift sanctions and normalise diplomatic relations.
If realized, it would be first round of negotiations for normalizing diplomatic relations between the two countries since the previous such talks were held in October 2002 in Kuala Lumpur.