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norm / норма, норматив, стандарт
имя существительное
norm, rate, rule, standard, mark, task
standard, norm
standard, norm
имя существительное
something that is usual, typical, or standard.
this system has been the norm in Germany for decades
the product of a complex number and its conjugate, equal to the sum of the squares of its real and imaginary components, or the positive square root of this sum.
Fighters kept their gravity well below Earth norm , the standard gravity found on ships and space stations.
One day it's 10 degrees below the norm for this time of the year, the next it's 10 degrees above.
I'd like to have witnessed more action, but given that Kingston's darkest crimes are more one-offs than the norm , the night's events were pretty typical for the patrol.
Now more than ever, the level of detail on every garment has become a requirement, and may soon reach the norm .
The country has been plagued by political scandals and infighting in government, and strikes and demonstrations are now the norm .
the 7% pay norm had been breached again
strikes were the norm
In general, a child is considered to have speech delay if speech development is significantly below the norm of other children of the same age.
Expectations of excellence were the norm and achievement was the never-stated aim.
Action will be taken against those who fail to comply with the norm .