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nor / ни, и ... не, также ... не
и ... не
также ... не
used to introduce a further negative statement.
the struggle did not end, nor was it any less diminished
she thinks she knows better nor me
имя существительное
a Boolean operator that gives the value one if and only if all operands have a value of zero and otherwise has a value of zero.
(especially in compounds) north.
seek shelter from a raging nor'easter
denoting an organic compound derived from another, in particular by the shortening of a chain or ring by the removal of one methylene group or by the replacement of one or more methyl side chains by hydrogen atoms.
Bermuda shorts are no longer sniggered at, nor are loud, multi-coloured shirts.
They still judge a person's physical appearance which is neither safe nor reliable.
the struggle did not end, nor was it any less diminished
Rental of ski equipment, and the lessons, were not cheap but nor were they exorbitant.
Looking at the market's current valuation, it appears neither too expensive nor too cheap.
He was carrying neither a towel nor a change of clothing, so he did not climb down with her.
I have no qualms about my devotion to my work, nor have I suffered a second's guilt.
Neither the directors nor the viewers are concerned about the quality of the programmes.
they looked neither to left nor right
If this is not done, neither leopards, nor humans will have much to look forward to in the days ahead.