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nope / нет
no, not, nay, nope, nix, n't
You'd think this ability would translate for me into a useful and marketable skill, but nope .
Not that we would have it with anything, nope , not even hot sauce.
And nope , literary writers never generate as much fun.
His point is so completely and self-evidently stupid that I can't even be bothered to point out… nope , I can't be bothered.
I even patted down my pants pockets twice just in case but nope … no such luck.
Once could be put down to the carelessness of the paperboy, but twice in one week - nope .
You think they'd be over the moon at having a Brit actually winning a major international event, but nope .
I mean, I remember my mom telling me, nope , you can't have that, you can have this.
Yes, we all went and got makeovers and he was the only one that was like, nope , no one's touching my hair.
Check the box again - nope , it's addressed to me, so that's OK.