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noonday / полдень, время около полудня, расцвет
имя существительное
noon, midday, noonday, noontime, noontide, meridian
время около полудня
noonday, noontide
blossoming, prime, blossom, bloom, heyday, noonday
имя существительное
the middle of the day.
the blinds were lowered to keep out the noonday sun
I put my hand over my eyes and strained to see what was happening through the bright noonday sun.
the blinds were lowered to keep out the noonday sun
In the blazing noonday sun, they linger in bus stops, near temples, hotels, supermarkets and glitzy shops fronts.
Out on the street, the noonday sun was heating up.
Three other roommates are asleep upstairs, while downstairs the noonday sun floods in through the windows.
Flowing fountains in courtyards filled with the perfume of jasmine created cool retreats from the harsh noonday sun.
Ever since the winter solstice last Dec. 22, the days have been getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere and the noonday sun has climbed higher in the sky.
Cemeteries are impeccably maintained by their respective governments; prestigious memorials and little white crosses in neat rows reflect the noonday sun.
The bar was dark with shadow despite the noonday sun that blazed on shuttered windows.
The noonday sun poured warm autumn sunlight through the large windows behind them, casting their shadows across the blue and white tiled floors.