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noon / полдень, расцвет, зенит
имя существительное
noon, midday, noonday, noontime, noontide, meridian
blossoming, prime, blossom, bloom, heyday, noon
zenith, meridian, noon, culmination, summit, heyday
have an afternoon snack, noon
имя существительное
twelve o'clock in the day; midday.
his classes let out at noon
I could tell by its position in the sky that it was almost noon , over twelve hours from the last thing I remembered.
The fun starts at noon and will continue until late in the afternoon at the resort's annual West End Festival.
They rode on for hours until at around noon they decided to give their horses a rest.
The traditional team lunch started at noon and went on until whichever nightclub you were in finally threw you out.
A typical day would have schools programmes from ten to twelve noon and again from two to three in the afternoon.
The men stay in bed until noon , because there's nothing for them to do.
The festivities start at noon and will last until early evening, when every canine will receive a doggy bag to take home.
She wakes up early in the morning and works on her wood sculptures until about noon .
If you have the get up and go that boss Mike Ryan demands he'll let you stay in bed until noon once a week.
As usual it starts on Wednesday and a decision will be delivered at twelve noon on Thursday.