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nook / укромный уголок, угол, закоулок
имя существительное
укромный уголок
nook, recess
angle, corner, nook
corner, nook, backstreet
имя существительное
a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security.
the nook beside the fire
Kristen followed her as they sat themselves around the breakfast nook in the corner.
the nook beside the fire
the nook beside the fire
There was a small nook in the corner, where I sat, while he poured some water into the pot.
Every nook , corner, wall and ceiling was like a blow in its acute familiarity.
He had a small nook in the corner of his room with a shower, a sink and a toilet.
He let go of me and I swam off into a small nook in the corner of the abnormally shaped pool.
It was bare enough, there were no corners or nooks where the noise could be coming from - just the bed and the desk and recliners and the wardrobe.
A considerable number of Goan artifacts decorate the nooks and corners.
He was more concerned with the cobwebs that were attached in the tiny nooks and corners.