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nonsense / ерунда, глупости, вздор
имя существительное
nonsense, bullshit, rubbish, baloney, bollocks, tosh
nonsense, fiddlesticks, flapdoodle, flubdub, fiddle-faddle
nonsense, blah, rubbish, baloney, humbug, rot
имя существительное
spoken or written words that have no meaning or make no sense.
he was talking absolute nonsense
foolish or unacceptable behavior.
put a stop to that nonsense, will you?
Ok, so American justice isn't always perfect, but this nonsense sure doesn't help.
nonsense poetry
I try to write, and manage 60 words of unsatisfactory nonsense before I give up.
I think I am blabbering nonsense and I should stop.
I appeal to all concern to stop this silly nonsense before someone is seriously hurt.
The interesting thing is that he wrote this nonsense in October 2001-months before New Jersey officials appointed him their Poet Laureate.
Trash might be collectible, nonsense lyrics might be profound.
Once again we appeal to these unsavoury people to please stop this silly nonsense .
During these years he wrote his greatest nonsense verse.
Referee Peter McCarthy refused to stand for any nonsense and brandished a succession of cards.