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nonentity / ничтожество, небытие, пустое место
имя существительное
nothingness, nonentity, nullity, nobody, cipher, prick
nothingness, nonexistence, nonentity, nothing, inexistence, nihility
пустое место
blank, nothing, nonentity, gap, nobody, snip
имя существительное
a person or thing with no special or interesting qualities; an unimportant person or thing.
a political nonentity
asserting the nonentity of evil
asserting the nonentity of evil
asserting the nonentity of evil
a political nonentity
the collection of topics is saved from nonentity by the stature of the contributors
What mysterious force or invisible hand guided the embryo's journey from nonentity to individual?
a political nonentity
But with reality TV fast becoming the most popular genre on our screens, an ever increasing number of nonentities are demanding more than their quarter-hour.
They are mediocre nonentities who demand to know your tax history, your type of business, your social status.
Restricting access marginalizes youth, defining them as social nonentities at best, irritations at worst.
Such exclusive language has communicated to women for centuries that they are nonentities , subspecies of men, subordinated and inferior to them not only on a cultural, but also on a religious plane.