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nondescript / невзрачный, неописуемый, неопределенного вида
имя прилагательное
homely, nondescript, plain, insignificant, poor, unpresentable
indescribable, nondescript, beyond description, inexpressible, unutterable, without a name
неопределенного вида
имя прилагательное
lacking distinctive or interesting features or characteristics.
she lived in a nondescript suburban apartment block
имя существительное
a nondescript person or thing.
It is the most costly farce ever misinterpreted by a group of nondescripts .
Standing nearby is a plain, nondescript man in a chauffeur's uniform.
Huesca was as nondescript a provincial town as our friends had said it would be.
Now 19 men waited in nondescript hotel rooms to board four flights the next morning.
Most species of freshwater mussels are nondescript and difficult to distinguish from one another.
They posed in hallways, foyers, in front of doors, in generally nondescript spaces.
The result is charmingly eclectic, and quite unique for Bulgaria, where nondescript design still prevails.
He had a shock of the brightest red hair I had ever seen on a human being, with rather nondescript gray eyes.
Aykan's house was one in a street of nondescript redbricks, and I was staring at it for several seconds before I saw that anything was wrong.
To them, he is just another nondescript resident who strives hard for a square meal a day.
It lies in a modest, nondescript building in a leafy neighborhood of Vancouver.