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nonconformist / нонконформист, диссидент, инакомыслящий
имя существительное
nonconformist, recusant
dissident, maverick, dissenter, nonconformist, seceder
dissident, maverick, nonconformist, far-outer
имя прилагательное
dissident, dissenting, dissentient, nonconformist, otherwise-minded
имя существительное
a person whose behavior or views do not conform to prevailing ideas or practices.
This view prevailed among nonconformists , of course, not least among them Cartwright himself and Richard Baxter a century later.
a member of a Protestant church in England that dissents from the established Anglican Church.
The Church people and Nonconformists willingly joined together for this good cause, and made the undertaking very successful.
имя прилагательное
of or characterized by behavior or views that do not conform to prevailing ideas or practices.
Priestley's nonconformist views and his support for the French Revolution brought him into conflict with the Government and many people, including George III, believed he was an atheist.
of or relating to Nonconformists or their principles and practices.
Dr Masters said that these principles were at one time taken for granted by Nonconformist preachers.
So a Republican in Hollywood is a true nonconformist .
The defence case was lost but their friendship continued, possibly cemented by links of nonconformist religion and an infectious sense of fun as well as chemistry itself.
When the flower children of the 1960s chose the nonconformist road, many of them traveled in unassuming Volkswagen bugs.
His fiercely nonconformist parents, small shopkeepers, brutally opposed and curbed his bent for painting.
Given the peculiarities of the Nazi state and the lack of an active nonconformist tradition, there could be no unified mass resistance movement in Germany.
It does something rare in contemporary American filmmaking: it takes a sober and nonconformist look at certain complex aspects of contemporary social life.
The advent of universal voting rights was preceded by a great deal of fretting on the part of liberal thinkers about whether an enfranchised majority would crush civil liberties or suppress nonconformist behaviour.
The Quakers were, and still are, nonconformist pacifists.
While Michael Adams, who was very much a nonconformist , may have taken him under his wing for a while, the cultural politics of the University at the time I was living there were still quite elitist.
The ‘caucus’ was a group of self-appointed local notables, often nonconformist business men, and usually strongly critical of the Liberal Party leadership as being too cautious and too aristocratic.