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non-union / несрастание
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
не состоящий членом профсоюза
имя прилагательное
not belonging or relating to a labor union.
nonunion farm workers
An agreement to restrain wages on the part of the central labour federation might not extend to the population of non-union workers.
Wages rise under the pressure of union drives, especially among non-union workers.
The company rejected negotiating a collective work contract and is pushing workers to sign up to a non-union agreement.
Malev is currently believed to be attempting to have some aircraft serviced by non-union workers at Warsaw Airport.
At the same time, it will continue spending taxpayer funds on the promotion of secret, non-union , individual agreements.
The goal has been to inform the public and non-union hotel workers about Local 1's objectives.
South Korean banks have stated they will use non-union contract workers and managers to act as bank tellers if the action goes ahead.
Management personnel and non-union workers are being used to keep the airport running.
The paper is produced and distributed by non-union labour.
Workers picketed the site and scuffles broke out between picketers and non-union workers.