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non-starter / неудачник, нестартующий
имя существительное
Jonah, loser, failure, lame duck, underdog, unfortunate
имя существительное
a person or animal that fails to take part in a race.
Gawley wasn't the only non-starter at Donington
For the hospital to be looking to the council to create extra parking now is just a non-starter .
Had either of these companies withheld that support, Apple's plan could easily have become a non-starter .
as a business proposition it's a non-starter
He said trying to get Americans interested in deals outside the US was a non-starter at the moment.
The specific mention of ‘creation’ and ‘religious theories’ makes that one a complete non-starter legally.
I regard the application under Order 12 rule 8 effectively as a non-starter .
This was essentially a non-starter because it relied on European cooperation and American financial support which was never likely to be forthcoming.
But any effective effort at doing this is likely to be a non-starter with one of the most powerful Democratic interest groups.
The plane was actually built in 1932 and appeared at the Cleveland races that year but was a non-starter .