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non-standard / нестандартный
имя прилагательное
nonstandard, substandard, irregular, outsize, fourth-rate
имя прилагательное
not average, normal, or usual.
people working nonstandard hours
Research labs are also usually relaxed about people working from home frequently, or keeping non-standard hours.
Today, more than two-thirds are non-standard .
A significant proportion of the Irish population cannot afford non-standard dental treatment in Ireland.
The youngsters had to use mathematical techniques to solve non-standard problems.
Today more than two-thirds are quoted non-standard rates and weight is playing an enormous role in that change.
As one of the leading exponents of non-standard car insurance it can call on a large number of insurers.
Anyone who has seen field conditions will clarify that non-standard seeds of variable quality are one of the biggest problems facing cotton farmers.
The requirement to answer in complete sentences recalls Labov's classic work on non-standard English.
I was already aware of many other non-standard usages that didn't bother me a bit.
She has a fairly non-standard belief system for a person of her generation.