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non-specific / неспецифический
имя прилагательное
not detailed or exact; general.
This may be because the theory is non-specific , so that no individual physicians or institutions can be held responsible.
The three predictions you say you made to me cannot be entertained, since they are vague and/or non-specific .
The message, I am told, was non-specific , but suggested that the caller had information of relevance to the AFP and he left a phone number, requesting that his call be returned.
Some people are lobbying for more non-specific holiday language at businesses or elsewhere.
I say it all the time, and use it as a non-specific noun in almost every sentence.
The term rapidly acquired a more general usage and is sometimes used to describe any non-specific unrealistic genre scene by English 18th-century artists.
These tend to be largely benign and non-specific .
As a confirmed wallower in that scandal, I've always believed that Nixon either ordered the break-in or gave a non-specific order that that kind of thing be done.
‘It's non-specific , uncorroborated information, but nonetheless it is information we received,’ Doguim said.
The business people disapproved of the non-specific nature of the promises made by the Government.