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non-returnable / невозвратный
имя прилагательное
(especially of a deposit paid) not repayable in any circumstances.
They would do us all a favour if they did not enter the competition in the first place or face a non-returnable entry fee.
First you have to fill in a whole bunch of forms and sent them to ICANN with a $1,000 non-returnable fee.
The going rate, non-returnable , was 10 shillings - a social obligation rather than a favour.
Consumers pay more for goods in non-returnable containers or that have excessive packaging.
I wondered what on earth a self-proclaimed organic gardener was doing with a stock of resource-squandering, non-returnable containers in the first place.
Now its committee, which is understood to have spent most of the £600,000 non-returnable deposit it received on Claro Road, must decide whether it can afford to appeal against Harrogate Council's decision.
The company has the Zambian franchise to produce non-returnable bottles for all Coca-Cola products in the country.
Until we change the packaging to non-returnable bottles it is difficult for us to do so,’ he said.
Among the major pollutants in the town are non-returnable beer bottles and cans.
The complainant must fill out a form, a copy of which must be given to the hedge owner, and pay a non-returnable fee to the local authority.