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non-residential / нежилой
имя прилагательное
not requiring or providing facilities for people to live on the premises.
two-day nonresidential workshops
The non-residential camps start at 10 am each morning.
There are a range of residential and non-residential retreats.
Since last July, 750 users of non-residential services have been re-assessed for their ability to pay and 300 homes have been visited by assessors.
The Department expects the new stamp duty thresholds on non-residential property to raise an additional €118.5 million in 2003 and €158 million for a full year.
Could the fighters force the planes to fly over non-residential areas and then take them down?
Besides, Mr. Davidar said there were many non-residential academies in various cities and asked the students to make the best use of them.
Taller than any other non-residential building in the capital, the high-rise buildings are likely to house a hotel and offices.
Some non-residential buildings will be converted into residential properties.
Private investment constitutes investments by business and non-profit organisations in infrastructure, non-residential and residential buildings and equipment.
Even if they are in non-residential areas, these zones are likely to be around reputable businesses which are not going to accept prostitutes.