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non-resident / иногородний, не проживающий постоянно, приезжий
имя прилагательное
не проживающий постоянно
entrant, nonresident
имя прилагательное
not living in a particular place, especially a country or a place of work.
the building had a nonresident, part-time caretaker
имя существительное
a person not living in a particular place.
parking permits are available for Richmond residents and nonresidents
I find their not-so-veiled allusion to my double loyalty particularly amusing when one considers that Canadians still swear allegiance to a foreign, non-resident queen.
There will be American citizens on one side and non-resident aliens on the other.
Legal experts have highlighted the fact that the tribunal has no legal powers to compel Mr Kennedy to attend the hearing of the planning inquiry because of his non-resident status in Ireland.
The respondents were non-resident Indians based in Britain, Canada and US.
In our case, those rules should mean no more land sales to foreign corporations and non-resident foreigners.
A CSA spokesman said she could not comment on individual cases and it was sometimes hard to collect the money, ‘especially when a non-resident parent does not comply with the agency’.
To verify memory stability we used Memtest - 86, a non-resident memory-testing utility.
Most of the non-resident fishermen were from the U.S., a segment that has seen a 19% increase as sport fishing in Manitoba continues to attract thousands of American fishermen.
In addition, unless he is a non-resident foreigner, he knows and speaks the language in which the trial unfolds.
I could only surmise that these Makonde had taken Swahili names to ease their assimilation into coastal society, creating confusion among non-resident park officials.