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non-proliferation / нераспространение
имя существительное
имя существительное
the prevention of an increase or spread of something, especially the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons.
the members will continue to pursue nonproliferation and threat reduction projects globally
The IAEA's inspection powers with regard to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons conform to this pattern.
Under the 1970 nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the US, Britain, France, China and Russia promise to eventually disarm.
Nuclear non-proliferation was generally considered a desirable objective by most of the states that signed the NPT.
For example, we should still pay attention to human rights, non-proliferation , free trade, and democracy.
this will be the most important conference in our lifetime on disarmament and non-proliferation
Some agreements, whether on naval matters in the 1930s or on nuclear non-proliferation since 1945, have been criticized as inherently discriminatory.
In addition to starting up its nuclear reactors, it has expelled UN inspectors and is withdrawing from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
Military intervention, he argued, can hardly serve as an instrument of enforcing nuclear non-proliferation .
Other issues include non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
The change in policy would undermine the long-standing nuclear non-proliferation treaty, professors Jorge Hirsch and Kim Griest argue in the petition.