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non-professional / непрофессиональный, недипломированный, любительский
имя прилагательное
unprofessional, non-professional, lay, amateurish
amateur, amateurish, dilettante, avocational, dilettant, non-professional
имя существительное
layman, non-professional, nonpro
amateur, lover, fan, buff, fancier, non-professional
имя прилагательное
relating to or engaged in a paid occupation that does not require advanced education or training.
nonprofessional grades of staff
имя существительное
a nonprofessional person.
Restrictive immigration policies do not offer working opportunities with legitimate travel documents for those who want to work in non-professional jobs.
If you practice in criminal law, the chances are that you'll get to represent some characters that you normally would not associate with in your non-professional life.
A staggering 10,000 new plays, all from non-professional writers, were submitted.
Some 56 per cent of non-professional drivers said they drank at such dinners before driving.
I attend a church that has a majority of its members working in non-professional fields.
These characters, played by non-professional actors, are not caricatured in any way.
Rosi shot the film in the same village where the real Giuliano came from, using non-professional Sicilian actors.
This community-based project featuring nearly 50 non-professional performers is an example of promenade theatre, a form that takes place around, through and with the audience, who are standing.
The story is then dramatized by non-professional actors, though the nature of the tale changes with the tellers.
On the other hand, non-professional workers value communication, want praise and reward and to work in an open environment where they can discuss grievances and personal problems.