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non-payment / неуплата, неплатеж
имя существительное
nonpayment, default
имя существительное
failure to pay an amount of money that is owed.
homes repossessed for nonpayment of mortgages
Pensioners from all trade unions daily throng the streets protesting against non-payment of entitlements.
He hoped Jack wouldn't be smart enough to claim non-payment in court.
The other day an acquaintance of mine mentioned in passing that he was due in court on Thursday for non-payment of council tax.
The tenant workers proclaimed that there was a right to housing and that tenants could not be evicted for non-payment of rent.
The policy will terminate automatically 15 days after non-payment of the premium.
At present, non-payment of a fine leads to courts serving warrants on defaulters.
A couple of years ago an acquaintance of mine ended up in court for non-payment of Council Tax.
homes repossessed for non-payment of mortgages
They had put my son in care up there for non-payment of fines.
The reason behind non-payment of salaries was that the Finance Department was yet to sanction these posts.