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non-negotiable / недействительный, не подлежащий передаче
имя прилагательное
invalid, void, ineffective, null, unavailable, non-negotiable
не подлежащий передаче
имя прилагательное
not open to discussion or modification.
It is non-negotiable , says Prime Minister Helen Clark.
And to remain competitive those things which they believe are non-negotiable (tax, exchange and interest rates) would by default be significantly constrained if not actually imposed by what is decided in Brussels.
Time is fast running out and the deadline is non-negotiable .
Certain fundamental principles are not only non-negotiable , but should also be a source of pride for the UK, including defending the right to asylum and safeguarding the Human Rights Act and 1951 convention on refugees.
Tonight I want to cast the net widely to look at some of the threats and challenges facing the media in the 21st century, and I want to do it from a starting point of what I believe is fundamental and non-negotiable .
Indeed, arguably there are non-negotiable demands of human reason that apply universally in international attempts to understand and evaluate any particular political tradition or cultural way of life.
That was something that was totally non-negotiable as far as I was concerned.
By saying that these demands are non-negotiable he has ensured that domestic political considerations will prevent any kind of negotiation.
Our fundamental security should be non-negotiable .
To Lucien, loyalty to France is non-negotiable .