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non-member / нечлен
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person, body, or country that is not a member of a particular organization.
non-member states
Mangena said the understanding of the presidency was that it was possible for the president to appoint a non-member of Parliament to become a member of the Cabinet.
Everyone is welcome to attend, and the entry fee is R5 for members and R10 for non-members .
There will be a charge of £1 for members of Craven Conservation Group and £2 for non-members .
Club members and non-members are invited to take part in the Parks Tennis Ireland summer scheme.
All businesses in the area, both members and non-members , are welcome to attend.
In painting, a noteworthy scandal occurred in 1975, when a group of ‘unofficial’ artists (that is, of people who painted despite their non-membership of the Artists' Union) decided to stage their own, unapproved, exhibition.
But non-membership of the EU will be an obstacle, since it will hinder cross-border consolidation.
This is the fourth annual cycle challenge organised by the Western Lakes Cycling Club, and non-members are welcome to take part.
‘Membership in the academy or non-membership in the academy isn't really the point ’, argues Crews.