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non-governmental / неправительственный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(especially of an organization) not belonging to or associated with any government.
They were also subject to rather stricter rules about the security of their staff than were non-governmental organizations.
He founded the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, a non-governmental organization, in Tirana.
Meanwhile, many non-governmental organizations are taking a more active approach.
The committee comprises representatives of government and non-governmental organizations.
Few non-governmental organizations represented anything but parochial interests.
In each case, it was non-governmental organizations that were the driving forces behind these profound changes.
As an independent non-governmental organization, the fund does not get financial support from the government.
More than half the subscribers are employees of foreign non-governmental organizations.
Though routinely referred to as a non-governmental organization, the US Congress funds it.
Moreover, there is a large role for non-governmental organizations in both approaches.