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non-existent / несуществующий
имя прилагательное
nonexistent, defunct, null, minus
имя прилагательное
not existing, or not real or present.
she pretended to tie a nonexistent shoelace
Contact with the outside world was non-existent during his month-long ordeal.
Two hundred years ago, communications were slow and in many cases almost non-existent .
You'll need a car if you intend to stay here for any length of time because the public transport is all but non-existent .
Childcare is either non-existent or so expensive that it is beyond the resources of the serviceman or woman.
Holland has just had eight years of solid economic growth and unemployment is almost non-existent .
If you invent a non-existent problem, you can always manufacture an unnecessary solution.
Sycophants tend to lavish non-existent virtues on their leader, who may only be a novice.
He had to drop out of college and his social life became almost non-existent .
For the most part all of the above support structures are non-existent in Nunavut.
He has a star quality which is rare among politicians and almost non-existent in recent years in the Tory party.