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non-dairy / немолочные
имя прилагательное
containing no milk or milk products.
a nondairy creamer
The link can't yet be explained, and the intake of calcium (whether from milk or non-dairy products) was not connected to Parkinson's disease.
Ask for milk with your tea and many establishments will send out small non-dairy creamers along with the lemon.
A variety of non-dairy milks, like soy, nut and rice, easily replace the real thing; look to the soy version of margarine, sour cream, cream cheese and yogurt to substitute for other dairy ingredients.
Finally, outside of the dairy product sector, there is a growing use of dairy-based ingredients used to fortify non-dairy foods.
While there are non-dairy yogurts made from soy currently on the market, this is the first dairy yogurt to have added soy protein.
In addition, he points out, simply adding extra calcium through supplements or non-dairy products may not solve the problem.
In addition, Saputo operates a distribution network in Canada through which the company markets a broad assortment of imported cheeses and non-dairy products to complement its cheese offerings.
Many drivers also carry a variety of non-dairy products, turning their truck into a traveling grocery store.
The non-dairy alternatives at the time were virtually tasteless, so I reluctantly resigned myself to living without cheese.
She sprinkled a teaspoonful of powdered non-dairy creamer into the coffee and watched the crystals explode into tiny pale swirls.