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non-core / непрофильным
имя прилагательное
not considered to be essential; expendable.
substantial expenditure cuts in noncore service areas
Computron had been operating in the red but is now significantly reduced in size, thanks to spin-offs of some unprofitable noncore businesses.
Today, though, the spin-off once again is viewed as a basic tool for allowing noncore businesses to grow by giving them a separate identity and attracting investors.
They're spinning off noncore operations to focus on their specialties.
GM is not alone in moving its noncore business processes to outsource service providers.
The goal can be to avoid a bankruptcy filing, emerge from bankruptcy, or simply to sell the company or its noncore assets off for creditors.
AutoNation has focused on its core dealership business and freed up cash by jettisoning noncore operations, including a credit business.
They have been rapidly cutting debt, selling off noncore businesses, and repositioning themselves to grow rapidly.
For example, in 1999 we sold a lot of noncore assets and equities.
Twenty years ago, technology was a noncore activity for enterprises, and it barely touched individuals.
Credit Suisse sold off several noncore operations, such as British insurer Churchill, and let go more than 7,500 employees over the past two years.