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non-contributory / без взносов
имя прилагательное
без взносов
имя прилагательное
not playing a part in bringing something about.
(of a pension or pension plan) funded by regular payments by the employer, not the employee.
The bank also admitted it was aware of the problem with non-contributory pensions when it first launched the product in October 2000-even lobbying the government unsuccessfully to have the law changed.
Even in a non-contributory scheme, the employer's payments are not bounty.
But in this job I qualified for a non-contributory pension scheme from the start, and if I work until I'm 65, it should be worth £100,000 on current predictions, and I can take up to half of that as a lump sum.
‘Contributory and non-contributory pensions are still very healthy, with companies paying up to 15 per cent contributions on behalf of the employee,’ said Bennett.
‘We have to be satisfied that people are not disposing of capital for the sole purpose of obtaining a non-contributory pension from the department,’ said the spokeswoman.