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non-compliance / несоблюдение, неподчинение, несогласие
имя существительное
noncompliance, nonobservance
insubordination, noncompliance, recusancy, nonconformity, rebellion, contumacy
dissent, negative, noncompliance, incompliance, rent, jar
имя существительное
failure to act in accordance with a wish or command.
The Council has warned that non-compliance with the new scheme simply is not an option.
The Labour leader also called for a significant increase in penalties for non-compliance with employment legislation.
Fourthly, the department's policy is that ignorance of the law is not grounds for non-compliance .
Indeed, I would go further than mere encouragement and make voting compulsory, non-compliance being punishable by a fine.
King recognised that non-compliance with the rights of private property had increased.
To make matters worse, the law does not address the common problem of non-compliance with a court order.
These will include points for offences such as running a red light, poor lane discipline and non-compliance with stop and yield signs.
If a negotiated agreement cannot be reached, non-compliance can bring a fine of £75,000.
Reports are furnished through a carefully designed time system, with fines for non-compliance .
There are speed limits that are adhered to, and heavy fines, as well as points deducted for non-compliance .