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non-aligned / неприсоединившийся
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
not aligned with something else.
We trust that non-aligned veterans will see their way clear to show support and strength and march this year with us.
His departure left bitterness among his local supporters and the allegations which he still faces alarmed party supporters, opponents and non-aligned voters alike.
Swinscoe has escaped his influences and marked out his own genus of non-aligned spiritual music.
Dreadlocks symbolise rebellion - being unconventional and non-aligned .
One of the strengths of the Police Association has always been that it has remained politically non-aligned .
The broad consequence of an endless spotlight on novelty has, of course, been a corresponding neglect of individualistic but non-aligned art and artists.
A small number of non-aligned figures has already emerged; there may be more before polling day.
There are three non-aligned convenors in this body of five.
That strikes me as a very accurate picture of contemporary American culture: the intellectuals, like Harold Bloom and the late Susan Sontag, are all avowedly non-professional and non-aligned .
These gangs were later joined by the 26, who added more pressure to the authorities and non-aligned inmates.