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non-alcoholic / безалкогольный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a drink) not containing alcohol.
After dancing for a while and then getting a few non-alcoholic drinks, they sat down on a towel right underneath the boardwalk.
Saturday night we went off to Alison's 30th, had a few non-alcoholic drinks, and left at about 11.
Free meals will still be provided in first class, and the airline will continue to offer free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to all passengers.
One example is a non-alcoholic drink, called Malta, which is now being successfully marketed in Asia and Africa.
Sitting on a stool, she held onto her non-alcoholic drink with one hand and tapped her fingers on the counter of the bar with the other.
By the way, we were talking about non-alcoholic drinks from the gas station.
So she avoided him and went off in search of a non-alcoholic drink.
Three new alcoholic and two non-alcoholic beverages were created.
It must have been that glass of non-alcoholic beer I drank too quickly.
They found more young people in mainland Europe were switching to non-alcoholic drinks as part of a drive for healthier lifestyles.