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nominee / номинальный
  • potential nominee - потенциальный кандидат
  • new nominee - новая кандидатура
nominator, nomination
  • party nominees - партийные выдвиженцы
имя существительное
a person who is proposed or formally entered as a candidate for an office or as the recipient of a grant or award.
the party's presidential nominee
a person or company whose name is given as having title to a stock, real estate, etc., but who is not the actual owner.
It means the shares are held in the name of a nominee company of Goodbody.
Their identities were hidden in nominee companies whose interest appeared on the share register.
It means the shares are held in the name of a nominee company of Goodbody.
We don't have any record of the nominee name in the share register.
This is a refreshing and vital departure for a Green Party presidential nominee .
All the more reason for care in selecting the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.
And that base is especially strong in the primary elections that determine the nominee for President.
It's not enough just to appoint an offshore nominee and hold board meetings in that country if it's actually you running the company.
She is a nominee in three awards and I pray that they won't give it to her because of the circumstances.
an Oscar nominee
He may not be the presidential nominee , but, for practical political purposes, he might as well be.