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nominate / назначать, выставлять, выдвигать кандидата
assign, appoint, nominate, set, administer, allocate
expose, exhibit, put up, display, show, nominate
выдвигать кандидата
propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award.
the film was nominated for several Oscars
specify (something) formally, typically the date or place for an event.
a day was nominated for the exchange of contracts
имя прилагательное
denoting a race or subspecies that is given the same epithet as the species to which it belongs, for example, Homo sapiens sapiens.
Most birds are of the nominate race fabalis.
It is essential to Republicans that the President nominate someone who is very solidly conservative.
Under the terms of the trust's loan agreement with the club, Bees United are now in a position to nominate a further director for appointment to the board of Brentford FC Limited.
Three of the pairs did not respond to the voice of nominate birds.
We are still waiting for them to nominate a date for mediation.
Does the subpoena nominate a date or a week in which the trial is going to take place?
I was delighted to see the president nominate someone who had the outstanding professional qualifications.
Conservatives have urged the president to not nominate him.
All the ‘Humanitarian’ has to do is nominate an account from which deductions can be regularly made.
More comprehensive inventories of tape recorded vocalizations of nominate birds are needed for a proper vocal analysis.
As at the date of their failure to nominate loading places and silos, Sellers were in default of fulfilment of the contract and it was at that date that they failed to carry out the contract.