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nominal / номинальный, именной, условный
имя прилагательное
nominal, rated, par, titular, formal, indicated
nominal, nominative
conditional, conventional, contingent, suspended, nominal, provisional
symbolic, symbolical, nominal, emblematic, token, typical
nominal, appellative, denominative
имя существительное
name, first name, given name, forename, Christian name, nominal
имя прилагательное
(of a role or status) existing in name only.
Thailand retained nominal independence under Japanese military occupation
(of a price or amount of money) very small; far below the real value or cost.
some firms charge only a nominal fee for the service
(of a quantity or dimension, especially of manufactured articles) stated or expressed but not necessarily corresponding exactly to the real value.
legislation allowed variation around the nominal weight (that printed on each packet)
(chiefly in the context of space travel) functioning normally or acceptably.
Spacecraft operations engineers take control of the satellite after it separates from the launch vehicle up to the time when the satellite is safely positioned in its final nominal orbit.
The hospital does not levy any charge for the donor cornea but charges a very nominal cost only for the surgical procedure.
But we seem to have evidence that virtually everything at the site - even the stuff that was nailed down - was taken while it was under our nominal control.
One tends to think of participants in a process as nominal entities designated by noun phrases.
Drop fees can range from a nominal charge to hundreds, even thousands of dollars.
Valet parking service is available at the main entrance to the hotel for a nominal charge.
His role, however, was nominal , and the group was actually managed by professionals.
Even the introduction of the mildest sanction - a nominal , barely enforced fine - seems to persuade citizens to turn out.
But, that really comes later in the cycle, when the spread between real and nominal rates narrows.
For the nominal charge, individual cubicle rooms are provided as well as three substantial meals a day.
Received telemetry data confirmed the initial phases of the mission to be nominal .