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nomenclature / номенклатура, терминология, перечень
имя существительное
terminology, vocabulary, nomenclature, glossology
scroll, list, enumeration, schedule, nomenclature, panel
имя существительное
the devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline.
Then, as now, type specimens constituted the fundamental entity upon which species are described according to the rules of zoological nomenclature .
Jemima Lewis in the Telegraph makes some telling points about journalistic iconography and scientific nomenclature .
There's a lot of truth in John Sturrock's warning about the tyranny of medical nomenclature .
For convenience sake I have coined my own nomenclature .
The nomenclature of the gene names is explained in the Methods section
It's a good thing for you that you didn't go into a biological science; if you had, you would have been dealing not only with a binomial system of nomenclature but one in which the words are in Latin.
In phylogenetic nomenclature , taxon name definitions are based on ancestry and descent rather than the possession of subjective ‘key’ characters.
For reasons given by Nevo, we will follow the traditional nomenclature , which considers separate taxa.
Genus and species nomenclature throughout this paper follow Sibley and Monroe, the most geographically comprehensive recent checklist.
A comprehensive index of all the microbiologic terms and bacterial nomenclature completes the book.
In conclusion, White's insistence on the need for consistency in mineral nomenclature is important, and, over time, I suspect that many of the problems he identifies will be sorted out.