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noisome / вредный, вонючий, отвратительный
имя прилагательное
harmful, adverse, detrimental, pernicious, bad, noisome
smelly, stinking, stinky, stunk, fetid, noisome
disgusting, hideous, heinous, abominable, revolting, noisome
bad, nasty, foul, poor, ugly, noisome
stinking, smelly, fetid, malodorous, foetid, noisome
имя прилагательное
having an extremely offensive smell.
noisome vapors from the smoldering waste
Snyder loves George, and his noisome influence is behind this inexplicable choice.
They saw in it a haven for traditional values that might, in time, restore their idealized America, now overrun by waves of immigration and noisome industrialization.
She chased a small form into a shadowed alley full of garbage and more noisome things.
But he gets paid to do this day in and day out, so I sort of understand why he continues being utterly noisome .
He dived down a dark alley and ducked down behind a pile of crates and noisome garbage to catch his breath.
Suddenly there are noisome odours on the breeze.
I have been experimenting with various means of disposing of these noisome critters, such as luring them with a trail of breadcrumbs into a dark closet and then murdering them with an axe.
The bar was noisome and smelly, the stench of unwashed bodies and foul beer mingling with the rotten fish smell of the port.
Here and across Europe it is the same: noisome , slimy things have crawled out of the sewers to oppress liberty and the human spirit.
He was ultimately bored for, even for him, the continuous coos of adoration could become quite noisome after the first thirty minutes.