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noiseless / бесшумный, тихий, беззвучный
имя прилагательное
quiet, noiseless, stealthy, still
quiet, silent, soft, low, calm, noiseless
soundless, noiseless, tuneless, dumb, aphonic
имя прилагательное
silent; quiet.
the bicycle is a benign form of transportation, being noiseless and nonpolluting
They call it noiseless and despite having a rear exhaust fan it was essentially silent in our testing.
We are having bad experiences with mainboard manufacturers when it comes to noiseless power regulation.
The ride down was completely noiseless and, seemingly, motionless; the elevator just accelerated and decelerated so slowly it was very hard to feel.
Most birds' flight feathers are stiff-edged, but an owl's are soft and fringed, allowing noiseless , deadly flight.
For such a large, brawny man, his movements were rather quick and noiseless .
He gazed behind him for a second, and everything was noiseless and silent.
She turned and headed back into the jungle, her feet noiseless on the soft underbrush.
The cancellation of vacuum fluctuations leads to the possibility of noiseless signal amplification with the feedforward loop.
A cooler like that is absolutely noiseless , since there are no moving parts at all.
The only emission from these hydrogen-fuelled vehicles is water vapour, giving rise to completely pollution-free motoring, as the electric motors used are noiseless , too.