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noggin / башка, голова, маленькая кружка
имя существительное
chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, dome
head, brain, loaf, pate, noggin, jowl
маленькая кружка
четверть пинты
gill, quartern, noggin
имя существительное
a person's head.
Put your noggins together because two heads are better than one.
a small quantity of liquor, typically a quarter of a pint.
A follower of Airedale Beagles since 1956, he would stop by to enjoy a tot of whisky or a noggin of port before setting off behind the hounds.
I'll do a few little things first, and then maybe ease into the big subjects that've been running through my noggin of late.
So far we have only had one trip to York District Hospital after he ran head first into the fireplace and got a bruised lump roughly the size of a pickled egg on his noggin .
Wearing a helmet undoubtedly helps protect your noggin , but allowing Edmonton's new bike helmet legislation to distract us from the real issues may prove to be the biggest threat to the city's cyclists.
But as time passed, the songs never left my noggin , and it's been months now.
I want to blog, I really do, but it's been an overwhelming few weeks and I can't get my noggin in order.
He has a nasty bump on his noggin , but if he follows his doctor's orders, he will be fine.
Typically the word describes a relatively uncomplicated event, physiologically speaking: just a pain in the noggin .
A wiry man, he has an oversize noggin that rides on his lean 145-pound body, so that he vaguely resembles a five-foot-ten-inch sunflower.
There are wires that can be tripped over, microphones that can electrocute you, flying bottles that can strike you right on the noggin .
it hit him squarely on the noggin