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nodule / узелок, желвак, конкреция
имя существительное
nodule, papule, tubercle, papula
concretion, nodule, concrescence
имя существительное
a small swelling or aggregation of cells in the body, especially an abnormal one.
Regional adenopathy, satellite lesions, and subcutaneous nodules can be present.
a small rounded lump of matter distinct from its surroundings, for example, of flint in chalk, carbon in cast iron, or a mineral on the seabed.
It is more visible when there are beds rich in clays, shell layers, or flints nodules .
Endoscopy evaluation revealed an antral nodule , which was biopsied.
A few people still poke around what is left of the mine dumps, but a datolite nodule is rarely found.
Others contain cores of malachite that constitute up to about 30 percent of the nodule .
It tends to appear as a papule or nodule with an epithelialized, pearly appearance, but may ulcerate in some cases.
The most common presentation for thyroid or salivary gland cancer is an asymptomatic nodule within the gland.
The subcutaneous nodule , 1.7 cm across, was excised under local anaesthetic.
The most highly prized datolites have concentrated copper inclusions near the center of the nodule and are pinkish-gray in color.
A thyroid nodule is a palpable swelling in a thyroid gland with an otherwise normal appearance.
Computed tomography showed a solitary nodule in the right lobe of the liver.
The sediment was cemented with iron carbonate to form a hard nodule distinct from the shale around it.