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node / узел, утолщение, узловой пункт
имя существительное
node, unit, knot, junction, bundle, joint
thickening, thickness, boss, bulb, nub, node
узловой пункт
node, junction
имя существительное
a point at which lines or pathways intersect or branch; a central or connecting point.
To the east is Aegidientorplatz, a major node and traffic intersection dominated by an axially placed theatre.
the part of a plant stem from which one or more leaves emerge, often forming a slight swelling or knob.
For each plant, we recorded the number of leaf nodes producing flowers and the total fruit production.
a lymph node or other structure consisting of a small mass of differentiated tissue.
Fixed, firm, or matted lymph nodes and nodes larger than 1.5 cm require further evaluation.
a point at which the amplitude of vibration in a standing wave system is zero.
While in St Petersburg he made one of his most famous discoveries when he defined the simple nodes and the frequencies of oscillation of a system.
Both the stems and leaves, which occur in whorls at the node , are covered in hooks; these are thought to aid attachment to their support and allow the plant to climb without twining.
Each node carries three types of information: a syntactic function, a lexeme and a set of morphosyntactic features introduced by a part of speech category.
every node on the Internet
In general, rate-responsive devices are preferred because they more closely simulate the physiologic function of the sinus node .
Walden is the locus of such pilgrimages for some visitors, a node in a network of places connected by sacred geography.
Consider a random walk on a graph where at each time point we move from the current node to one of its neighbors.
When you ‘read’ a tree, identify constituents by looking at all the elements that are exhaustively dominated by a single node in the tree.
The leaves from each node were dried and powdered separately.
The question mark that labels the parent node may be intended to indicate that it is not known whether these three groups are related, but this is not clear.
Make cuts on an angle and just above a node , where the leaf attaches to the stem.