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nod / кивнуть, клевать носом, покивать
клевать носом
nod, nid-nod, niddle-noddle
имя существительное
nod, beckon, shake, beck, wag, nutation
клевание носом
nap, slumber, drowsiness, dormancy, doze, nod
имя существительное
an act of nodding the head.
at a nod from his father, he left the room
lower and raise one's head slightly and briefly, especially in greeting, assent, or understanding, or to give someone a signal.
he nodded to Monica to unlock the door
have one's head fall forward when drowsy or asleep.
Anna nodded over her book
In a nod to health, a minor one, they had margarine instead of butter.
A surprising twist in the film was the number of perfectly placed celebrity cameos, a nod to actors with failing careers who are hoping to steal a laugh.
‘Yes,’ she said with a slight nod and as she started backing slowly away.
Evan's barely perceptible nod was his only answer.
The queen went back to her dinner with a slight nod .
Alexis returned the embrace and agreed with the slight nod of her head.
The deodorant and all the rest is merely a nod to convention.
He says recent judgments in the courts would appear to be a nod to our legislators to go ahead and enact something similar, but this has yet to materialise.
a feel-good musical with a nod to pantomime
There even appears to be a nod to her own back pages in ‘Push’, which confirms Europe as a major musical influence.