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nocturnal / ночной
имя прилагательное
night, nightly, nocturnal, overnight, sleeping, vespertine
имя существительное
пассажный инструмент
имя прилагательное
done, occurring, or active at night.
most owls are nocturnal
Being naturally nocturnal and excellent at hiding, they're all able to keep a low profile.
She even attempted a little nocturnal grave robbery in order to unearth the final proof from Shakespeare's tomb.
Now sleeping is one of my favourite hobbies, so you can imagine the state I'm in after all this nocturnal wrestling.
Visitor night tours to view these nocturnal creatures have also been sketched in for the future.
She was reasonably nocturnal and could stay awake all night when really necessary.
Once a diurnal mammal, the dugong is now nocturnal as it forages for food.
The second reason for the interest in owls is that they are beautiful to look at and most of them are nocturnal which means that they hunt at night.
Hamsters are nocturnal although they are sometimes active during the day.
I take Advair, but it has had no noticeable effect on my nocturnal asthma, which is my main concern.
Saved from his crazy nocturnal adventure, he sets about building a microlight aircraft shaped like a dragonfly.