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nobody / никто
no one, nobody, none, anybody, anyone, neither
имя существительное
никому не известный человек
nothingness, nonentity, nullity, nobody, cipher, prick
пустое место
blank, nothing, nonentity, gap, nobody, snip
имя существительное
a person of no importance or authority.
they went from nobodies to superstars
no person; no one.
nobody was at home
nobody was at home
nobody could predict how it might end
Everyone works flat out when the grapes are being picked and there could be nobody to look after you.
They were chucking them all out, as nobody there wants them any more, so I got them cheap.
He was pounced upon when I first laid out the pictures, but nobody gives a reason for liking it.
We said none of them were going, and none of them left, yet nobody chooses to believe us.
Of course, the charge of racism is denied on all sides: nobody ever owns up to racism.
All the other housemates may be scared of you, but I am old and wise, and I am scared of nobody .
Some of the people gathered outside are very angry and are shouting at nobody in particular.
The eyes say, quite fiercely, that nobody is going to take his achievements from him.