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noble / благородный, знатный, инертный
имя прилагательное
noble, honorable, generous, genteel, knightly, high
noble, honorable, grand, gentle, gently born, well-born
inert, rare, noble, inactive, passive, sluggish
имя существительное
nobleman, gentleman, noble, earl
пэр Англии
nobleman, noble, Lord
имя прилагательное
belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status; aristocratic.
the Duchess of Kent and other noble ladies
having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.
the promotion of human rights was a noble aspiration
имя существительное
(especially in former times) a person of noble rank or birth.
She was walking her highest ranked nobles in front of her and her ladies in waiting behind.
a former English gold coin.
She's not meek, like most noble ladies are trained to be.
Kate was a lady imbued with many fine and noble qualities.
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was born in a noble family at Delhi on October 17, 1817.
He conceded that persuading customers to back the noble Riesling grape would not be the easiest thing Tesco had ever done, but he was confident.
The valiant one and his noble steed hiked up to the hill where the castle was.
How can one person, no matter how noble , confess the sins of another?
Her generation of Irish people knew all about sacrifice and were a noble people with a fine sense of community and idealism.
We threaded through the side streets, slowing to pay respect to old grand churches and noble bungalows.
If you have the goal of being born into a noble family in your future life, surrounded by wealth and luxury and by many beautiful forms, it is possible that this aim might be fulfilled because of the effect of the practice.
Born into a noble family, Neroccio was one of the most able artists of late 15th-century Siena.